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February 15

Hospitals are Making a lot of Money on Outpatient Drugs

Hospitals are reaping big windfalls from commonly used drugs, marking them up 3-7 times above their average sal...

February 15

Cancer Death Racial Gap Narrows, but Still Higher for Blacks

For a long time, blacks have died of cancer at higher rates than other Americans. But a new report says the gap is narrowing. Nearly 30 years ago,...

February 15

Breast Surgeons say all Breast Cancer Patients Should be Offered Genetic Testing

The nation’s breast surgeons are advising that all patients diagnosed with breast cancer be offered genetic testing to check for inherited mutations,...

February 15

Big Pharma’s GOP Firewall is Weakening

Congressional Republicans are increasingly open to cracking down on the tactics pharmaceutical companies use to keep competition at bay — changes that...

February 14

Walgreens to Pay $270 Million for Overbilling Prescription Drugs, Insulin Pens

With all of the attention currently placed on prescription drug prices, it’s difficult to believe that a major retail distributor of medications would...

February 14

Charlie Baker is Not Punishing Drug Company Success by Challenging Costs

Big Pharma is getting very annoyed with Governor Charlie Baker. Good for Baker. His plan to rein in the cost of prescript...

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