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February 23: Integrating Patient-Centered Outcomes in APMs

HEALTH PLANS ARE INCREASINGLY CREATING contracts with providers that tie the quality of care to payment decisions, a trend that has already made its mark [...]

February 23: Three Reforms That Can Help Balance Medicare Finances

Topping the health-care agenda of the Trump administration and Congress is the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Still, it would be a [...]

February 23: Bad Hospital Design Is Making Us Sicker

As a medical resident working 30-hour shifts, I quickly came to cherish those rare moments when I could duck out of the bustling and brightly [...]

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Presentation to the Coalition of Hematology Oncology Practices (CHOP) 2017 Business Summit

Presentation to the  Coalition of Hematology Oncology Practices (CHOP)  “From Capitol Hill to Fort Worth…Oncology Policy in the Whacky World [...]

Presentation to the Puerto Rico Oncology Summit

Presentation to the  Puerto Rico Oncology Summit  “Current Oncology Care Issues...A Look at the USA and Capitol Hill"  given on February 4, [...]

February 10: COA Applauds Confirmation of Dr. Tom Price as HHS Secretary

COA Looks Forward to Working with HHS Secretary Dr. Price on Strengthening Our Nation’s Cancer Care System On behalf of [...]


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2016 Practice Impact Report


October 2016
The 2016 Community Oncology Practice Impact Report tracks the changing landscape of cancer care in the United States.
Read Full Study Here >>

New White Paper: PBM’s Attack on Physician Dispensing and Impact on Patient Care


August 2016
Physician dispensing has been a critical part of the American healthcare system for decades, and dispensing physician practices have...
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A Conversation with Joan Lunden On Community Oncology

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