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March 22

Are Prior Authorization Insurance Requirements Killing Patients?

Colin J. Haller was smart, funny, ambitious and athletic. And he was just 25 when he was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. The Maryland native ha...

March 22

Senate Panel to Hear from Pharmacy Middlemen on Drug Prices

The Senate Finance Committee said Thursday that it has secured commitments from executives of five major pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to testify n...

March 22

It Will Take More Than Transparency To Reduce Drug Prices, Economists Say

A new drug to treat postpartum depression is likely to reach the U.S. market in June, with a $34,000 price tag. The approval of the drug by the Food a...

March 22

Kentucky Launches Probe into Drug Overcharges by Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said on Thursday he had launched an investigation into allegations that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) had ov...

March 22

Health Plans For State Employees Use Medicare’s Hammer On Hospital Bills

States. They’re just as perplexed as the rest of us over the ever-rising cost of health care premiums. Now some states are moving to control costs...

March 22

State Report: CarePoint Health Owners Pocket $157M in ‘Management’ Fees

How big was your bill the last time you were treated at one of Hudson County’s CarePoint Health hospitals and where did...

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