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April 19

Declining Healthcare Affordability for Medically Underserved Populations is Traceable to Revenue-Maximizing Policy Decisions by 340B Hospitals & Pharmacies

Today it is less likely today that a person in poverty and without year-round health insurance is able to afford needed prescription drugs than a similarly situated person ten years ago. In 2009, an impoverished, uninsured person was more than 3.5 times as likely as someone in the general population to miss needed prescriptions

April 19

Unlocking the Potential of Biosimilars in Community Oncology

Today, biologics make up more than half of the oncologic therapies in the pipeline. These pioneering therapies now allow more than 350 million patients with cancer globally to receive their treatment through a painless injection rather than an 8-hour chemotherapy session.1 

April 19

CMS to Allow Copay Accumulators, Cut Exchange User Fees

The CMS finalized a rule on Thursday that would allow health insurers to implement copay accumulator programs to prevent drug manufacturer coupons from applying to a patient's annual limit on out-of-pocket costs in situations where a generic drug is available.

April 19

Big Spending from AbbVie, Pfizer Pushes Pharma’s 2018 Ad Spend to $6.5B

Pharmaceutical ad spending continued its upward climb last year. Spending topped $6.46 billion in 2018, according to Kantar Media, for an increase of 4.8% over the previous year. Who’s laying out the most cash on ads? No surprises here: Perennial list-topper Humira, the anti-inflammatory treatment by AbbVie, again led the list of top five

April 19

Is Arbitration the Magic Bullet for Drug Pricing?

The Medicare policy world continues to be dominated by fantasy (Medicare for All) and frustration (what can be done about Medicare drug prices?). The administration remains focused on its international price index proposal for inpatient drugs and its rebate rule for outpatient drugs. Democrats remain committed to have the government “negotiate” on behalf of the Medicare system, despite

April 19

Drugmakers Reveal List Prices Online After Pressure From Trump

The world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are revealing prices of their prescription drugs on websites for the first time in a bid to stave off pressure from the Trump administration to make even more public disclosures.

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