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May 22: Avalere Analysis Highlights Complexities of Transitioning Medicare Part B Drugs into Part D

A new analysis from Avalere finds that Medicare patients’ out-of-pocket costs for new cancer therapies can vary substantially based on whether a drug is covered [...]

May 22: How Pharmacy-Benefit Managers Affect You — and Your Wallet

The pharmacist is ready to shout out the names of his customers before they walk through the door of his spotless and brightly lit pharmacy. [...]

May 22: The Art Of The Drug Deal

Some contend that the federal government should negotiate drug prices directly to achieve lower prices for consumers, but this proposal has numerous flaws. Read the [...]

Thoughts From COA

May 17: Cancer Patients, Regional Cancer Care Associates Advocate For Local Cancer Care

As Community Oncology Clinics Threatened, Cancer Patients, Survivors Speak Out Local community oncology advocates met today at Regional Cancer Care [...]

May 16: COA Physician Survey: Medicare Part B Proposals Will Harm Patients, Increase Costs and Bureaucracy

Majority of Physicians Concerned with Proposals to Reform Medicare Part B and Shift Drugs to Part D Cite Negative Impact [...]

May 11: COA Statement on President’s Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices

Putting Cancer Patients First and Lowering Drug Prices is Critically Important, Community Oncology Supports Blueprint and is Working on Solutions [...]


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