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June 25

A New Trump Order May Make More Health Care Prices Public

The White House released an executive order Monday afternoon intended to require insurance companies, doctors and hospitals to give patients more information about precisely what their care will cost before they get it.

June 25

Small Town Pharmacy Prospers in Other States, Suffers in Ohio

It's been more than a year since state officials declared they were going to bring sunlight and fairness to Ohio's Medicaid drug-reimbursement system. But in southeastern Ohio, a small pharmacy chain says the squeeze has only gotten worse. Its owners say that if things don't improve soon, they will be forced to close the

June 25

Should We Overhaul the Drug Development and Pricing System?

The high cost of pharmaceuticals gets a lot of public attention, but that is only the endpoint of a long pipeline that moves drugs from the laboratory, to clinical testing, to approval, and into the marketplace. In the era of precision medicine, we urgently need a system that supports the development of innovative therapies

June 25

It’s Pioneer Institute vs. ICER: Drug-pricing Watchdog Comes Under Fire for a ‘One-Size-Fits-all’ Approach

An influential Boston-based watchdog group uses a “one-size-fits-all” approach to judge a fair price for prescription drugs, a mindset ill-suited for a growing wave of expensive medicines that treat rare diseases, according to a new report by a think tank.

June 25

Patients’ Out-of-Pocket Costs Increased up to 14% in 2018

Patients' out-of-pocket costs for inpatient services increased by 14% on average between 2017 and 2018, according to a new report from TransUnion Healthcare.

June 25

Gov. Mills Signs 4 Bills to Reduce Medication Prices, Including Buying from Canada

Gov. Janet Mills signed a package of bills Monday that aim to reduce prescription drug prices, including one measure allowing the state to act as a drug wholesaler to purchase cheaper medications from Canada.

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