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February 19

CMS Proposes National Medicare Coverage for CAR-T Therapy

The CMS on Friday proposed nationwide Medicare coverage for a rapidly developing and high-cost cancer therapy that leverages a person's immune cells t...

February 19

Attorney General Files Legal Action Against UPMC, saying Hospital System has Strayed from Charitable Mission

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office went to court Thursday to pressure UPMC to change its approach to rival insurer Highmark’s members, accusin...

February 19

Pharmacy Benefit Manager: Who Revealed Information to The Dispatch?

One of the companies that serves Ohio's Medicaid program is pushing hard in its fight to keep secret the details about the $280 million that it bills...

February 19

Blockbuster Drugs are Stacking up Orphan Approvals

Some of the best-selling drugs in the U.S. have stacked up extra federal protections that were initially intended to spark research into drugs that co...

February 19

Don’t Blame Drug Companies for High Prices

Today, Type 1 diabetes patients pay twice as much for insulin as they did in 2012. This is outrageous — but drug companies aren’t to blame. The proble...

February 19

Europe’s Pharmacies, Long Protected, Face Shake-Up

A drug war is raging in the heart of Europe—over pharmacies. Few businesses capture differences between Europe and the U.S. better than the humble...

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