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July 28: Report: Health Plans Slow to Take Up Value Frameworks

Most health insurers don’t use value frameworks to when deciding which pharmaceuticals to cover and how much to pay for them, an analysis released today [...]

July 28: The Drug-Price War Just Took a Big New Twist

Is your stomach ready for a big twist? Then you should know that the escalating battle over drug prices just got turned on its head. Read [...]

July 28: Insurers May Share Blame For Increased Price Of Some Generic Drugs

With recent reports that drugmakers have sharply raised the prices of some prescription drugs, a reader has written in to ask why a common generic [...]

Thoughts From COA

COA Launches Advanced Practice Provider Network

Learning Network for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Other Advanced Practice Providers in Oncology COA has launched a new initiative to [...]

July 14: COA Supports New Oncology Payment Reform Bill By Senators Cornyn and Carper

Community Oncology Alliance Supports New Oncology Payment Reform Bill By Senators Cornyn and Carper Legislation Based on the Oncology Medical [...]

July 13: COA Comments on Potential MACRA Delay

"It is great to see that CMS is listening to the community. This is an excellent suggestion from Acting Administrator [...]



Formal Comments on Medicare Part B Experiment

It is an Experiment that is Bad Medicine, Flawed Economics, Destructive Policy, and Legally Invalid...

Fact Check Report on Medicare Part B Experiment Concerns

Flawed Analysis: Fact-Checking the MSK Evidence Driven Drug Pricing Project Review of Congressional Concerns Regarding the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model

A Video from Joan Lunden

A Conversation with Joan Lunden On Community Oncology

Comments on MACRA Implementation

Among other things, COA requests that CMS delay implementation of the baseline year in MACRA of 2017 until 2018 and consider the Oncology Care Model and Oncology Medical Homes to be Alternative Payment Models.

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