What the Proposed NCD on Next Generation Sequencing Will Mean to You

January 3, 2018

Personalized medicine holds tremendous promise for changing the way cancer is treated, but this promise has only been realized for a handful of mutations in a handful of cancers.

Several factors have been blamed for why this is the case, and one of them is the limited insurance coverage of next generation sequencing (NGS). This is about to change dramatically with the implementation of the CMS National Coverage Decision (NCD) on coverage of NGS in solid tumors.

On Friday, January 12, 2018, the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) in ADVI in collaboration with ADVI hosted a webinar for interested practices to learn about this important NCD. Comments on this NCD are currently being collected by CMS and due in two weeks, by January 17.

On this webinar we reviewed:

  1. The history of both private payer and CMS coverage policies governing NGS;
  2. The history of NCD’s and CED (coverage with evidence development) in oncology;
  3. The current proposed NCD, including outstanding questions about the proposal;
  4. How this policy will affect every oncologist who orders NGS; and
  5. How stakeholders can participate in shaping the final NCD and how oncology might maximize the impact of this coverage policy on cancer care.


  • Louis Jacques MD, Chief Clinical Officer, ADVI
  • Michael Kolodziej MD, Vice President, ADVI
  • Marc Samuels JD, MPH, CEO, ADVI
  • Bo Gamble, Community Oncology Alliance
Download Webinar Slide Deck

For follow-up questions contact Dr. Michael Kolodziej, Vice President, ADVI michael.kolodziej@advi.com

And… answers to questions that were not addressed during the webinar can be found here.