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Membership Types & Information

COA invites individuals and practices from across the cancer care community to join us. Our members include oncologists, hematologists, practices administrators, pharmacists, nurses, financial advisors, laboratorians, patient navigators, patient advocates, insurance counselors, patients, survivors, and caregivers. We are all working together to support and strengthen the nation’s community cancer care system.

Membership contributions to COA can come from individuals or the practice. As a 501c(6) organization, donations are partially tax-deductible as a business expense. A certain percentage of contributions to COA goes towards funding advocacy and lobbying efforts and are not deductible for tax purposes. This changes each year depending on our activities and priorities.

Individual Professional Membership

The heart and soul of COA are our individual community oncology professional members. We welcome you to join COA as an individual professional member and support our mission to ensure the future of our nation’s independent, community oncology system. The suggested contribution as an individual professional membership is $2,000. Membership contributions to COA can come from individuals or the practice.

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Associate Membership

COA offers a membership for our non-oncology/hematology supporters, including, but not limited to, urologists, rheumatologists, and others. The suggested contribution for a COA Associate Membership is $500 per person.

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Practice Membership

The support of entire community oncology practices is critical to continuing COA’s important work to strengthen the independent, community oncology system on your behalf. Practice membership extends COA membership benefits and resources to all individuals working in a practice. The suggested practice level membership contribution to COA is $2,000 per oncologist.

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Oncology/Hematology Fellow Membership

COA is dedicated to supporting oncology/hematology fellows in entering into the community oncology system and is pleased to offer free membership to physicians currently enrolled in, or less than one year out of, an oncology training program. Oncology/hematology fellows membership provides access to all COA member benefits.

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Advocate Membership

COA advocates have membership and participate through COA’s Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN). They include patients in active treatment, cancer survivors, professional caregivers, family members, and members of the general community. Advocacy membership is completely free.

Become a Patient Advocate >>

Corporate Membership & Support

Qualified industry companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, genomic, drug delivery and distribution, and other spheres support COA’s mission.

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Membership Types & Information

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