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April 25: Another Voice: Benefit Managers Contribute to High Drug Prices

For a professor of pharmaceutical ethics, John Jones’ recent Another Voice column, “Blame drugmakers for high-priced drugs,” is a disappointing example of the kind of ethical blindness that has left our health care system with the problem of insanely high [...]

April 24: 5 Ways the COA Meeting Will Help Oncology Practices Succeed

The Community Oncology Alliance (COA) will host its annual meeting, April 27-28, 2017, near Washington DC. With this year’s theme: Fueling the Cancer Moonshot, those in attendance will gain a better understanding of strategies for success within the community oncology [...]

April 21: Protect Our Nation’s Cancer Care System

A few weeks ago the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) made a huge mistake. It voted to recommend Congress numerous changes to the way drugs are paid for under Medicare Part B. The biggest change would move physicians away from [...]

April 19: COA Lauds the Introduction of the Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act

Representative Doug Collins (R, Georgia) has proposed a bill that would increase the transparency of payment methodologies to pharmacies. The Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act (H.R. 1316) was introduced in the House of Representatives on March 2, with the intent [...]

April 19: Pricing Debate Puts Medicare Drug Reimbursement In Play Again

The US Medicare program has yet to get a grip on spending for physician-administered speciality drugs. A congressional advisory panel is attempting to do so in a recommendation to trim reimbursement rates and encourage drug competition ahead of a transition [...]

April 13: Upton Introduces Legislation to Improve Cancer Care

Congressman Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, alongside Congressman Gene Green, D-Texas, introduced H.R. 1920, a bill that would ensure cancer patients across the country continue to have access to life-saving treatments and care. H.R. 1920 addresses a flawed Medicare reimbursement formula [...]

April 12: Oral Oncolytics Make Inventory Management More Difficult.

The rapidly growing use of oral oncolytics has provided a powerful incentive for independent practices to open in-house dispensaries. By dispensing oral drugs, physicians can make sure patients are taking their medicine, monitor side effects, and capture some of the [...]

April 12: COA Slams MedPAC’s Drug Cost Containment Plan

A set of draft recommendations for controlling price escalation in the Medicare Part B program has ignited fresh concern from the oncology community, which battled last year to overcome the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model cost reduction experiment. Part [...]

April 7: Latest Attempt to Curb Medicare Part B Drug Costs Panned by Doctors and Drugmakers

Drugmakers and providers say the newest proposal to change the way drugs are paid for under Medicare Part B is likely dead in the water. Read the full article on Modern Healthcare here.

April 3: Ted Okon Talks Gottlieb Nomination for FDA and High Drug Prices

A new administration in the White House necessitates changes, but then a familiar face may be returning to the FDA. Scott Gottlieb, MD, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, has been nominated to run the FDA. His previous experience [...]


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