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February 28: What to Watch: Trump Gives His Presidency an ‘A’ So Far

The State of the Union is … not happening this year, technically. But in a prime-time address on Tuesday to a joint session of Congress, President Trump is expected to deliver the equivalent: a speech designed to set the course [...]

February 28: Trump: ‘Nobody Knew That Health Care Could Be So Complicated’

President Donald Trump on Monday claimed that “nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” and again flirted with the idea that Republicans should let Obamacare “implode” so that Democrats shoulder the blame. Read the full article on Politico [...]

February 28: ObamaCare Quietly Leaves Mark on Medicare Despite Repeal Push

Republican efforts to repeal ObamaCare will likely leave Medicare untouched, meaning former President Obama will leave his mark on the popular health program for more than 58 million elderly and disabled. Read the full article on The Hill here.

February 28: Academia and Generics: Can They Reduce Cancer Drug Costs?

The ever-rising cost of prescription drugs, and in particular cancer drugs, has become a focal point of concern for patients, healthcare providers, payers, and policymakers alike, and several strategies have been offered to address the issue. Read the full article [...]

February 28: How to Get Patients to Take More Control of Their Medical Decisions

For years, patients have been hearing the same message from the health-care industry: Get involved. Read the full article on The Wall Street Journal here.

February 28: Q&A: Pharmacy Benefit Managers Say ‘Consumer is King’

Pharmacy benefit managers are finding themselves in the spotlight more than they used to — and their top lobbyist doesn’t mind. Read the full article on Stat here.

February 28: Playing the Blame Game on Drug Prices

As the pharmaceutical industry sinks into a protracted drug-pricing scandal, it’s scrambling to place the blame elsewhere. One target is a small but important federal program that helps hospitals care for the poor. Read the full article on Morning Consult [...]

February 27: CVS’ Medicare Drug Program Causing Headaches for Enrollees

Deborah Shapiro decided a few months ago to switch her prescription drug coverage from her former employer's plan to Medicare. The Medicare literature made clear that she could save hundreds of dollars on the various drugs she and her husband [...]

February 27: Insider Q&A: Allergan CEO on Impact of Limiting Price Hikes

As drugmakers pushed back against rising criticism over sky-high U.S. prescription drug prices, one pharmaceutical company went public with a pledge. Read the full article on Merced Sun-Star here.

February 27: Anthem and Blue Crosses Loom Large in Obamacare Talks

Anthem Inc. (ANTM.N) and other U.S. health insurers complained to the White House for more than a year that they were losing money on people who waited to sign up for Obamacare coverage until they were sick. Read the full [...]


Formal Comments on Medicare Part B Experiment

It is an Experiment that is Bad Medicine, Flawed Economics, Destructive Policy, and Legally Invalid...

Fact Check Report on Medicare Part B Experiment Concerns

Flawed Analysis: Fact-Checking the MSK Evidence Driven Drug Pricing Project Review of Congressional Concerns Regarding the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model

A Video from Joan Lunden

A Conversation with Joan Lunden On Community Oncology