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Community Oncology Alliance Membership

Membership Information

The Community Oncology Alliance (COA) was founded by community oncologists to protect and foster the quality, affordability, and accessibility of the nation’s cancer care delivery system. The members of COA are community oncology practices, both independent and hospital affiliated, with over 6,500 providers representing 950 practices. The governance of COA is overseen by a Board of Directors including oncologists and other individuals of the oncology team.

Practice/Physician Membership

Suggested contributions to COA from community oncology practices are $2,000 per oncologist. The $2,000 per oncologist donation to COA can come from the practice and is partially tax-deductible. Funds in COA are used to support the outside lobbying team and administrative staff, support a public relations effort, conduct studies, and produce information and materials being used by community oncology practices.

Why Support COA?

In summary because COA is the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to community oncology. In addition to advocating on Capitol Hill and beyond for community oncology, COA is committed to helping community oncology practices navigate these difficult times. This includes networking practices in order to unify community oncology and strengthen its position, as well as providing authoritative, timely information on a variety of topics critical to community oncology. A major initiative for COA has been the development and implementation of the Oncology Medical Home model, as well as an associated model of oncology payment reform.

COA relies on the support of its oncology members. This support has allowed COA to successfully reduce and stop further Medicare payment cuts to cancer care in 2014. In fact, COA was successful in turning a Medicare payment cut to cancer care into an increase. Additionally, COA was very engaged in pushing for a serious patch — and more importantly, an actual fix — to the deeply flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) that threatens seniors’ access to cancer care.

To Join COA

Just follow one of the links below and submit the Membership Form.

Practice Membership
Corporate Membership

Deductibility of Contributions

Contributions to a 501(c)(6) organization are not deductible as charitable contributions, but may be deductible as other business expense. However, under Code Section 162(e), no deduction is allowed for amounts paid in connection with influencing legislation or any direct communication with a covered branch official in an attempt to influence the official actions or positions of such official. Under Code Section162(e), COA has a duty to inform contributors that a certain percentage of contributions to COA will go towards funding such lobbying efforts as defined by Code Section 162(e), and, therefore, will not be deductible for tax purposes in any given year.