CPAN at 10: A decade of Education, Advocacy, and IMPACT

Author: Community Oncology Alliance

April 30, 2019

Ten years ago, the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) created the Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN) to provide a powerful advocacy voice and forum for patients, survivors, caregivers, and others served by independent community oncology.

The idea behind CPAN was simple: every individual who interacts with community oncology has a unique story to tell, formed by their individual experiences with community oncology. These stories are the heart of community oncology.

With a national community of committed CPAN advocates with stories to tell, COA could help bring the experiences of real patients directly to the policymakers making critical decisions about the future of cancer care.

From the day CPAN first launched, to the expansion of more than 23 chapters around the country today, we have never forgotten that our most powerful asset is the cancer survivors and more who make up our amazing advocate army. The nationwide network of CPAN advocates is strong and continues to grow.

We have seen tremendous growth in CPAN over the last ten years, from a handful of patients in our first year to chapters across the country in 2019. Thanks to technology moving forward, it is easier than ever for anyone, wherever in the country they happen to be, to connect with and participate in CPAN efforts.

As long as trends like health care consolidation and pharmacy business manager (PBM) business practices continue to challenge us, CPAN advocates will be here to respond with compelling reasons why community oncology must continue to play a primary role in the nation’s cancer care network.

 We know that as the CPAN network expands, the stronger our voice carries. That’s why I challenge every single person who has participated in CPAN during the last 10 years to bring someone new into our advocate army and encourage them to learn more – to help us fight the challenges of the next 10 years and to remind policymakers about the importance of local cancer care.

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