March 28: COA Comments on Draft MedPAC Medicare Part B Recommendations

COA Completely Disagrees with Draft MedPAC Medicare Part B Recommendations

Ignores Realities of American Cancer Care System and, If Implemented, Will Only Fuel More Medicare Spending

On Monday the Board of Directors of the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) submitted a letter to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) regarding its recent draft recommendations on Medicare Part B.

In the letter, COA expressed its deep opposition to the draft MedPAC Medicare Part B recommendations and concern that the proposal completely ignores the realities of the American cancer care delivery system. If implemented, COA believes that these recommendations will backfire, causing the opposite of their intent, driving more cancer care into the much more expensive hospital setting, and accelerating increases in Part B costs for Medicare and beneficiaries.

COA and community oncology are determined to find solutions to expensive cancer therapies while ensuring that patients continue to receive the highest quality cancer care. As the front-line providers for the majority of Americans with cancer, community oncologists understand better than anyone the realities and problems of the increasing cost of cancer care.

COA and its member practices are seeking solutions using data, market facts, and the real-world medical experience of physicians, nurses, administrators, and others on the front lines of cancer care to craft viable, patient-centric solutions. However, the MedPAC recommendations are the antithesis of this and, if enacted, will only make the nation’s cancer care delivery system more unstable, increasing costs for beneficiaries, Medicare, and taxpayers.