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Cancer Is Complex 2018-11-21T09:15:21-04:00



Cancer is

Evaluation and management (E&M) visit codes are the standard for determining the type and severity of patient conditions during visits. The codes, ranked on a scale of one to five, allow medical professionals to differentiate the time and treatment course needed to care for someone with the sniffles compared to a long-term, life-threatening health challenge, like cancer.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed devaluing the experience that medical professionals, and specifically oncologists, give to their patients by cutting those codes from five levels down to just two. CMS thinks the time and expertise of physicians who treat cancer and other incredibly complex diseases is worthless.
We need to remind CMS and Congress that cancer is complex and that this move to devalue it is a huge step in the wrong direction!
Send a message to Congress now and tell them we need to improve Medicare to value – not devalue – the high-quality medical care that specialists provide to seniors with cancer and other complex conditions.
Download our E&M Visit Cuts Fact Sheet