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What is the Community Oncology Alliance Political Action Committee?

COA PAC is a political action committee (PAC) founded by community oncologists for community oncology. Funds raised within COA PAC are used primarily to contribute to campaigns of individuals seeking elected office to the United States Senate and House of Representatives. COA PAC supports individuals who have demonstrated an interest in community cancer care and in preserving and enhancing the nation’s cancer care delivery system for cancer patients.

What are you asking me to contribute?

A suggested initial contribution is at least $1,000; however, many oncologists have made an initial contribution of $2,000. Contributions cannot exceed $5,000 per year. 

Why should I contribute to COA PAC? 

If you want elected officials who support community oncology and the patients served, you need to support their election campaigns. COA PAC is the only independent PAC dedicated solely to community oncology. Community oncologists need to be far more active as evidenced by the list below of the top 60 healthcare professional PACs in 2014. COA PAC ranked 51st, behind many other more specialized areas of medicine. COA PAC makes the most of the funds raised, but community oncology is lagging behind many other areas of medicine in making an impact. It is up to you and your fellow oncologists to contribute to increase support for community oncology.

Click here to view a list of PAC campaign giving by specialty.

Why support COA PAC when I already support candidates for election?

Other physicians do exactly the same — that is, support their local candidates for election — but they also support national PACs (as documented above). This provides a national presence for their specialty, something that community oncology needs. 

How are contributions made to and disbursed by COA PAC?

COA PAC accepts contributions by individuals affiliated with COA and community oncology clinics in the United States, in strict accordance with all applicable federal campaign laws. Contributions to COA PAC can only be made by individuals. Corporations cannot make contributions to a PAC according to federal campaign laws. Individual contributions made to COA PAC cannot exceed $5,000 per year and are not deductible for income tax purposes. COA PAC produces quarterly reports on its activities for donors, as well as filing all reports required by federal campaign laws.

How do I make a contribution to COA PAC?    

A contribution can be made using a credit card or by personal check. To make a secure contribution by using a credit card, go to here on the COA website. The password is oncology

To make a contribution by personal check, make the check out to COA PAC and send to:  
Community Oncology Alliance PAC   
760 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 150   
Virginia Beach, VA  23452       

Have more questions about COA PAC?     

The treasurer of COA PAC is Mike Diaz, MD, who can be reached here

Direct any logistical questions about COA PAC to Ted Okon, who can be reached here.


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