Ted Okon, Executive Director

Ted Okon, Executive DirectorTed Okon started his career working for several major healthcare companies, including Warner-Lambert/Parke Davis (now part of Pfizer), Merck, and IMS America, in a variety of marketing and management positions.  Ted then founded Medical Marketing Group (MMG), which became affiliated with Medco Containment Services, a leading drug benefit manager.  Ted took MMG public and it was subsequently acquired by Merck.

Ted has spent the last 15 years of his career focused on oncology.  He has been involved in practice management, information technology, and clinical research.  Ted was a founder of Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network (ACORN), which is a national network of oncology clinics participating in clinical trials and related research activities.  Additionally, Ted has first-hand experience with cancer care delivery systems throughout the world.  He has traveled extensively to the United Kingdom, India, China, Singapore, and the Middle East to understand their existing cancer care delivery systems and to assess interests of bringing American cancer care to those rapidly growing parts of the world.

Ted currently serves as Executive Director of the Community Oncology Alliance (COA), where he directs the many initiatives of the organization, including the development of the Oncology Medical Home model, data/information projects, private payer programs, and quality oncology delivery metrics.  Ted also spends a great deal of his time on Capitol Hill, where he relies on his experience and knowledge of the clinical and operational aspects of cancer care delivery in advocating for community oncology.  He is well versed in the healthcare public policy process and regularly meets with members of Congress and other policy makers on healthcare and cancer care delivery issues.

In addition to general management experience and political knowledge, Ted has specific expertise in health care information, clinical outcomes, drug distribution, and disease management.  He also has in-depth knowledge of the reimbursement for cancer care drugs/services and the trends changing the way cancer is treated.  Ted has testified before Congress on healthcare policy issues affecting cancer care, is frequently quoted by the national media, such as the Washington Post, and has appeared on FOX News and business, MSNBC, and numerous radio programs.  Additionally, he frequently serves as the guest speaker around the country for professional audiences interested in oncology, especially relating to reimbursement issues, politics, and public policy. Ted has authored numerous studies and articles relating to clinical and reimbursement issues.

Ted holds a BS degree in biology from Fairfield University and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie-Mellon University.  He resides in Connecticut with his wife, Susan, who is an oncology nurse in full-time practice.


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