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Practice/Physician Involvement

Suggested contributions to COA from community oncology practices are $2,000 per oncologist and $500 per oncologist to the separate political action committee, COA PAC. The $2,000 per oncologist donation to COA can come from the practice and is partially tax-deductible. Donations to COA PAC must be personal contributions from individuals. Funds in COA are used to support the outside lobbying team and administrative staff, support a public relations effort, conduct studies, and produce information and materials being used by community oncology practices. Funds in COA PAC are being used to support PAC activities with members of Congress.

Where To Send A Contribution to COA

Ricky Newton, Treasurer
Community Oncology Alliance
760 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 150
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Deductibility of Contributions

Contributions to a 501(c)(6) organization are not deductible as charitable contributions, but may be deductible as other business expense. However, under Code Section 162(e), no deduction is allowed for amounts paid in connection with influencing legislation or any direct communication with a covered branch official in an attempt to influence the official actions or positions of such official. Under Code Section162(e), COA has a duty to inform contributors that a certain percentage of contributions to COA will go towards funding such lobbying efforts as defined by Code Section 162(e), and, therefore, will not be deductible for tax purposes in any given year.

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