Mary Kruczynski, Director, Policy Analysis

Mary KruczynskiMary Kruczynski has had a very diversified business career spanning thirty-five years, working early on in the insurance industry, engineering and ultimately healthcare. She has devoted the past twenty-two years to the specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, ontology and neurotology, oncology/hematology, gynecologic oncology and radiation oncology.

Mary’s broad-based general management experience in a variety of areas has helped her to develop a unique skill set and as such, is often tasked with the challenges left unmet by others. Inside sales, small business start-up, advisor to the pharmaceutical industry, insurance contract negotiations, legislative affairs and public policy to name but a few. Mary’s responsibilities have included initiation and incorporation of several practices into one entity, office automation, establishment of internal protocols for charge capture and reimbursement as well as educational teaching seminars for both inside and outside staff and patients.

Mary currently serves as the Director of Policy Analysis for the Community Oncology Alliance (COA), where she reviews and comments on significant federally proposed legislation as well as issues raised at the state level. Mary has been with the COA since its inception and shares her knowledge on legislative matters, health care reform law, coordinated patient care models and oral oncolytics with cancer care delivery teams across the country.

In addition to diverse management experience, Mary demonstrates expertise in national meeting planning and is instrumental in producing COA’s annual conferences. Mary’s proven fund raising and development efforts help to sustain the efforts of COA and the caregivers and patients it seeks to protect and support. Further, Mary has been instrumental in the development and management of past and current data projects, including the Components of Care project, Oral Oncolytics Access, and Comparative Cost of Cancer Care predicated upon site of service. Mary has authored numerous articles and reports relating to clinical and reimbursement issues and sits on the editorial board of a number of cancer related journals.


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